See Your Pee: What Does The Color Of Your Urine Say About Your Health?

You might not know it, but the color of your urine has a lot to say about you. In fact, exactly how much information your urine holds could be surprising. You might find out that you are not as healthy as you thought you were, but the good thing is that you now know whether or not it is a concern you need to take to your doctor. If you are living at home and have a home health care nurse, you may want to bring up the topic with them as well: [Read More]

Fun And Fresh Air: Three Great Summer Activities For Home Health Care Clients

As the days grow hotter, the need for stimulating summer activity becomes more and more important for your home health care patients. Summertime brings on a feeling of warmth and need for healthy activity, which is vitally important for your clients. No matter what age group you are serving, there are a variety of things you can introduce into their daily routine that can provide hours of healthy fun. Here are a few ideas to consider. [Read More]

When Mom Needs Help: Setting Up Home Care Services To Help You Meet Her Needs

When you are a mom, with a mom who needs extra help, you may start to feel overwhelmed. With childcare responsibilities, a job, and needing to help your mom out, you may feel stuck in the middle without anywhere to turn. While you want to give your mom what she needs, it's important to know that you can't do it all. With the help of home care, you can set mom up with some additional services so that the time you spend together isn't all about providing her care. [Read More]

Home Health Nurse: What The Job Expects From You

Home health nurses provide in-home skilled nursing care. While being a home health nurse offers nurses frequent changes in their work environment and the opportunity to create their own work schedules, the job requires discipline and self-motivation. A career in travel nursing is rewarding, but the field of home health care has certain expectations of the nurses who provide home care to patients. What the Job Involves Home nurses provide direct patient care; therefore, the job generally requires a few years of clinical experience. [Read More]