Fun And Fresh Air: Three Great Summer Activities For Home Health Care Clients

As the days grow hotter, the need for stimulating summer activity becomes more and more important for your home health care patients. Summertime brings on a feeling of warmth and need for healthy activity, which is vitally important for your clients. No matter what age group you are serving, there are a variety of things you can introduce into their daily routine that can provide hours of healthy fun. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Plant Seeds or Annuals

The summer season often brings on the urge to plant. Planting small pots with flower or vegetable seeds is a great low-impact activity that will yield rewarding, tangible results. This is an especially fun activity for those who live in smaller homes or apartments and don't have the option of planting a garden. If you are serving a client with a larger home or outdoor space, plant some inexpensive annuals in a pot for the front porch or patio. This is a great exercise in mental and physical strength for your clients who have the need for stimulating activity.

2. Visit the Farmers Market

Another fun thing to do during the summer season is to visit a farmers market. Many home health care workers take their clients grocery shopping anyway, so why not stop off at a place for freshly grown fruits and vegetables? Summer is prime season for some of the best produce and is the perfect opportunity to get your clients outdoors to purchase some healthy food for their kitchen. You may even want to help them research some new recipes in which they can incorporate their fresh bounty of produce.

3. Create Craft Projects for Summer Holidays

Summertime often brings out the urge to decorate for the patriotic holidays that are celebrated each year. There are a number of patriotic craft ideas you can introduce to your clients that are both fun and helpful. Crafting is wonderful for those who need to exercise their hands as most crafts will require a bit of dexterity. Activities such as cutting, sewing and crocheting are great for hand-eye coordination as well. You can find patterns for almost any craft imaginable. Patriotic door wreathes, table centerpieces, and candle holders are easy and inexpensive to construct. If you have a client who enjoys sewing, here is a wonderful tutorial for a patriotic table cloth made from bandanas that only takes about an hour.

Getting home bound clients active is an important component to the job of a home health care provider. Using some of these ideas, you can greatly enhance the livelihood of your clients. Be sure to take their overall health needs into account before introducing them to anything too strenuous, and always err on the side of caution, especially when getting out in the hot summer heat.

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