When Mom Needs Help: Setting Up Home Care Services To Help You Meet Her Needs

When you are a mom, with a mom who needs extra help, you may start to feel overwhelmed. With childcare responsibilities, a job, and needing to help your mom out, you may feel stuck in the middle without anywhere to turn. While you want to give your mom what she needs, it's important to know that you can't do it all. With the help of home care, you can set mom up with some additional services so that the time you spend together isn't all about providing her care.

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning Support

If your mom is still able to cook, but she is having trouble grocery shopping and meal planning, a personal aide can help her do these things. While it varies by agency, some home care agencies provide this service. Check with your local home care agencies to see if they have staff that will take your mom grocery shopping and help her plan out her meals for the week. This will allow your mom to have some independence, while still having the help she needs to plan for and prepare her own meals.

Rehabilitative Nursing Care

When your mom has sustained a recent injury and she needs rehabilitative care at home, a visiting nurse will be able to come to the home each day as part of your mom's routine. Health insurance companies will pay for a visiting nurse to attend to your mom, as long as the care is rehabilitative and not custodial. Medicaid will provide custodial care hours, but your mom may or may not be on Medicaid, depending on her financial affairs.

Assistance with Daily Living Needs

Your mom may need help bathing, or getting dressed in the morning. She may not be able to tell you that she needs this assistance. Talk with your mom gently about the things she is having trouble with. Having an open and honest discussion with your mom is the only way to find out what she truly needs help with. Contact a home care agency and have them come out to meet with your mom. They can assess her ability to care for herself, and they can make recommendations based on this assessment. Even a few home care hours a week can make a huge difference in your mom's ability to remain independent from you.

If you believe your mom is struggling with caring for her daily needs, it's time to consider home health care. Contact an agency in your area to see what services are available for your mom today.