Ways Home Healthcare Helps Diabetic Seniors

If your parent suffers from diabetes and is having a hard time controlling this disease on his or her own, you may want to consider hiring a home healthcare company to assist your parent. Diabetes can be hard for a person to control, especially as a person gets older in age, and here are several ways home healthcare workers could help your parent with this problem.

Insulin administration and blood-glucose testing

Diabetes is a disease that causes a person's body to not make insulin, and insulin is what breaks down sugars in the body. Without insulin, a person's body will have too much sugar in it. Because of this, people with diabetes often need to take insulin shots. A home healthcare worker can administer these for your parent, and he or she will also take care of testing your parent's blood-glucose levels each day. Keeping blood-glucose levels regulated is important for a person's overall health.

Meals and nutrition

People with diabetes must eat healthy foods that are low in sugar, and this can be a problem for many seniors. A lot of seniors do not have access to a car, so they cannot get to the grocery store, or they may not have the energy or ability to cook. When you hire home healthcare, a worker can provide meals for your parent. These meals will be designed to meet your parent's health and nutritional needs, and they will be designed for a person with diabetes.

Foot care

The other important task a home healthcare worker can assist with is foot care. People with diabetes must properly take care of their feet, simply because they are prone to developing diabetic ulcers. Diabetic ulcers can be very dangerous and even deadly, but there are steps that can be taken to prevent a person from developing these.

A home healthcare worker can examine your parent's feet each day to look for signs of blisters, scabs, or sores. He or she can also clean your parent's feet and make sure your parent wears the right socks and shoes. If the healthcare workers notices any problems, he or she may be able to tend to them, or the worker may recommend that your parent visit a doctor to have the wounds examined.

If you are concerned with your diabetic parent's wellbeing, you may want to talk to him or her about hiring a company to provide assistance in your parent's home. To learn more about the services available, contact a home healthcare agency like Cedar Village today.